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Mid-nite Oil Virtual Assistant
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Our Business is All About Your Time


Virtual assistants are...
Secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, personal assistants, writers, editors, bookkeepers and research assistants who do their work electronically, from our own offices, via the net, phone, fax, or email.  We are independent business owners who success depends on your success! 
With today's busy schedules and the chaos of running a business, have you found that you don't have enough hours in the day? Having a personal virtual assistant is  the perfect way to help you manage the daily tasks that eat up all of those hours in the day and allow you the time to get down to the tasks that really make a difference.  We can allow you to do what it is that you do best.

Working with a Virtual Assistant can save time and money!

With a Virtual Assistant, you have...
No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.
No extra office space or equipment costs.
Minimal training. Personal Service
Expenses only for time and materials spent on project.
The ability to stay on schedule.
          The flexibility that you need.

The cost Actual Cost of Hiring and employee:

Wages and Salary $26.97
Supplemental Pay $1.19
Insurance $1.98
Paid Leave $3.18
Retirement and Savings $1.36
Required Benefits $2.45
Other Benefits $0.05
Total Actual Compensation per Hour $37.19

*Information Provided by the US  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This information was found in table two of Employer costs per hour worked for employee compensation

Who can benefit from using a Virtual Assistant?

Small and home-based businesses
Your office will run more smoothly and efficiently with scheduling and reminder services. Your work reflects your company's professional image. You stay on schedule.
You no longer need to spend time researching topics or typing papers.
Non-profit organizations
You can have your events planned, publicized, and organized for you.
Newlyweds and New Parents
You don't have to make time to send out your personalized  announcements.  Have your wedding photos organized and saved on disks to send to your family and friends or publish your photos online on your own website.



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