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Mid-nite Oil Virtual Assistant
About Us


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Our Business Philosophy

Our business is all about your time.   We believe that a stong business partnership with our clients is the key to sucess for all. 

Who Is Your VA Partner?

I am a business owner as well as a senior support coodinator in the MIS field.  I have over 20 years of management experience operating a family owned business.  When I decided to start working as a VA the decission was an easy one for me.I have been sucessfull doing work as an administrative assistant for business owners and professions for many years.

Our Company

We are a small company who does BIG things! As a VA we are able to attend to all of our clients business needs quickly and with quality.  We believe that building a personal business relationship with our clients allows us to provide the highest quality work.  We stive to meet all of our clients needs and continue our ongoing training and develpment to stay updated with our changing times.


Mid-niteoil * 13913 Drumvale Drive * Chester * VA * 23831