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Mid-nite Oil Virtual Assistant
Our Policies


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By Retainer:

Clients may choose to pay  on an hourly basis with one of our packages.  A $150.00 deposit is required for all new clients.  Monthly retainers are due, in full, by the first of the each month.  Any time used in excess of the monthly retainer will be billed at the same hourly rate at the end of the billing period.  Invoices will be sent via email or fax or mail if requested by the 25th of the prior month.  Unused time will not be credited to the following month.  Clients who retain  services on a monthly basis will enjoy discounts between 5% and 15%.

Non retainer customers:

We are happy to help you meet all your personal and business needs.  Please see or price list for services that we offer and our hourly rates.  All services require that we set up a one time account for you.  There is a 50% deposit required prior to the start of your project and the balance is due at the completion prior to the release of all projects.  We bill on an a half hour basis with a minimum requirement of one hour of billable service.

Hourly rates and additional charges:

Effective March 2002 our hourly rate is per the rate chart.  Please contact us if you have questions about your projects.   Do not hesitate to ask if you do not see the services that  you need listed.  We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate of cost for all of your needs,  Services listed do not include consultation time, phone charges, printing services, or shipping charges.  These charges will be billed on your monthly statement.


We accept personal checks, business checks, cashiers checks, and money orders.  At the current time we do not accept VIsa and Master Card however, we hope to make this service available to you very soon.


If you are a current retainer client and refer a new retainer client to us you will receive a $50.00 credit toward your next billing cycle after they have received three months of service.

Deadlines and office hours:

Please be as specific as possible about your business needs. Most projects are completed within 48 business hours. *Please note that not all projects can be completed within this time frame.  Every effort will be made to meet or exceed these expectations, however we may no commitment to this time frame.  If you need a particular project completed it is your responsibility to communicate this to us in a timely manner.  If we can not meet your deadline we will notify you immediately. 

Or normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm EST.  Priority request done outside of normal business hours are subject to a 20% additional charge. All requests will be concidered on an individual basis.


We look forward to assisting you in meeting all of your professional goals.  As your partner, you can be assured that I will  provide you with complete confidentiality in all business matters.  Since we will be working in a professional partnership, good communication is essential.  As our client it is your responsibility to communicate you needs to me in a professional manner.  By accepting work preformed it is your responsibility to proofread all documents for accuracy and content. 

If we am unable to meet your needs we will provide you with notice immediately with and explanation. We would be happy to make suggestions whenever possible. 

Although we are business professionals and would be happy to make suggestions whenever possible, however our clients understand that they are responsible for all business decisions that you make.

To set up an account for you please print out this page and sign and date it. 
Fax it to:  Teri Carr (804) 796-9659

I have read and understand this contract and agree to all terms.  This contract may be modified as needed with no less than a 30 day notice by Burning The Midnight Oil.  I further understand that I am responsible for all terms of this and any subsequent contract terms agreed to with my monthly or per project agreement that I  may sign.

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